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Disincentivise "clickbait" by prohibiting clicks from reloading adverts.


Prohibit advertising revenue generated by webpage views. Prioritise advertising revenue generated by duration. This incentivises high quality webpages, that aim to keep the user viewing adverts for longer. Each website would have a section of the screen dedicated to displaying adverts one after another, therefore generating revenue. This advert section would be prohibited from reloading as a result of a click or any other form of user interaction, therefore, the incentive would be duration of stay, rather than number of clicks. This would allow high quality, low volume websites to compete.


This will protect skilled jobs, which are necessary for high quality content, such as journalists. Society will benefit from being better informed as a result of the incentive of high quality content, over sensationalised, high volume content. The internet will provide a better experience for people that enjoy high quality content. High quality news outlets will be more able to compete with other content providers, which will protect their ability to be an effective 4th estate.

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