The People’s Plan
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Alex Thomson

Set open standards for NHS interoperability


Electronic health records created in one system cannot be easily shared, transferred or accessed between systems. Any future systems used by the NHS should be required to allow easy sharing/transfer between organisations.


When multiple services are caring for one patient it is not possible to see each other's records. This leads to mistakes, duplication, risk of harm, and risk of disclosing confidential information as records are faxed, emailed or printed out to transfer.

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Chris Gay
Government lack of funding/ cost cutting has forced Trusts to go it alone, meaning opportunities for National unity of systems has been missed.
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Mark Evely
This was tried a number of years ago, it cost a huge sum and failed. However creating an agreed standard while difficult would be the start.
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Annemarie Naylor
Devise then mandate open standards and open APIs for both health and social care (client) data to facilitate bona fide integration of services through interoperability.