The People’s Plan

Let’s design the most advanced digital society in the world – together

Our country is debating how to become the world’s digital leader. So we’ve created a place where you can share and shape the ideas you want Parliament to listen to.

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The online debate will focus on a different topic each month.

  • Trust

    How do we create online spaces where citizens feel safe, especially children? And how do we build online trust through strong data protection and proper content regulation?

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  • Infrastructure

    How do we ensure that the country has access to a good quality internet connection so that they can enjoy all the benefits at home, in work and on the go?

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  • Skills

    How do we ensure everyone has the basic digital skills they need to join in online life? And how do we reach train sufficient levels of ICT professionals and STEM graduates?

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  • Security

    How can we keep our country, citizens and devices safe online? And how can the UK lead in the provision and uptake of safe, secure electronic payment options?

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  • Jobs

    How do we create new jobs by attracting world-leading innovators, nurturing new technology startups and leading the research and development of technology?

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  • Government

    How can the government deliver great services online? And how can digital tools get more people involved in debates and decision-making?

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we want to use digital tools to help Parliament draw on the best ideas to get the UK’s digital policy right
Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Digital Minister.
Megaphone illustration

We want to create the best plan in the world.
That means finding the best ideas in the world.

Planning the most advanced digital society in the world involves three steps.


Put forward your ideas or debate ideas others have proposed


Review the draft plans which will be created based on your suggestions


See the plan presented in Parliament to help shape national policy

We believe the public want the opportunity to have their say in House of Commons debates; this will provide a useful resource for MPs and help to enhance those debates.
Speaker’s Digital Democracy Commission, 2015
Clock tower at Palace of Westminster

Questions and answers

What is the People’s Plan?

In 2015, the Digital Democracy Commission set an ambitious goal: to make Parliament, ‘fully interactive and digital’ by 2020, using new technologies to involve the public in Parliamentary debates and drafting new laws.

This site aims to help. We hope to accelerate digital democracy by pioneering new technologies to help Parliament get the United Kingdom’s policy for digital technology right.

Created by Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Digital Minister, our ambition is to help all members of Parliament listen to and consult with citizens, business and trade unions as we share and debate ideas for the United Kingdom’s digital future.

Why are you doing this?

In 2015, Mr Speaker created a Digital Democracy Commission, to ‘to consider the challenges and opportunities for our democracy that digital technology presents’. It advised that Parliament should aim to become ‘fully interactive and digital’ by 2020. Around the world, parliaments, city governments, and political parties are stepping up the use of digital technology to help get plans and policies right.

We don’t want to be left behind. So we want to use some tried and tested techniques for using digital tools - to help Parliament debate and perfect, policy for a more digital United Kingdom. We won't just use digital tools - we'll also be running a host of events - but we know digital tools can help a lot.

Will this make a difference?

The People's Plan for Digital will help Parliament connect to the best ideas in the United Kingdom, and around the world, as it debates some of the most important questions for the future of our country.